Hesitate, No More!

Ok. honestly, I am NOT one for ridiculous amounts of puffery and fluff in the world of disabilities.  ESPECIALLY in the world of disabilities.  I’m the starting QB, the coach for gosh sakes.  I need to be strict on myself and disciplined.  A high tide raises all ships.

A few weeks back, I met with a new doctor who I felt more or less gave me little to no credit for the years and years of diligent, hard work I’ve already put in.  The frown on my face lasted maybe 20 minutes.
Bouncing back from injury and disdain happens to be a superpower of mine.  In my head, I felt a bit discouraged.  Since that day, I feel I must have increased my physical output 200%.  I’m working out a bit differently now, with new exercises and I’ve cut back on certain activities, like rock climbing.  I’ve been training on and pedaling a recumbent bike outdoors, on the track behind my house at least .5 mi a day since.  Heeding thunderstorms and lightning may be the only sessions missed.

I expect more from myself now.  That feels really good.  Thanks for the encouragement, Doc!

Stay tuned for race details and meet up times, folks!  Keep Pushing!

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