Save.  Your.  Breath.  (Not Afraid, today!)

Don’t worry!  Let them form a line!  Don’t be surprised when those riding your coattails grow agitated when you start doing what they tell you to.  

I’m referring to those around you prompting you to share your point of view, express yourself and do what’s best for you.

In my personal experience of late, I refer to formulating “punchlines” that address a bunch of REPRESSED emotions and IGNORED EFFORTS.

I’ll tell you this, I’d be lightyears ahead of where I am today if I had pulled the trigger in so many situations.  I’ve held my best back, my heart in my chest, my potential in a cage and my reality down trying to keep smiles on other peoples’ faces!

THESE PUSSIES “have your best intentions at heart.”  Don’t burn bridges!  


To date, the whole TBI recovery and assistance industry is proving to be a sham.  F#ck entire companies.  I am trying to clean my conscience of what HAUNTS me early every single day.  Calm down!  I’m “special!”


I’d love it, if I were paid to push pencils too, b!tch!  (shoutout to “the world renowned” disability services of Pennsylvania State University!)
I still have nightmares about that “counselor” along with my local disabilities services attendants getting paid for stressing me the f#ck out!  


Ahhh!  Palate clean!  How do you embers feel now!?  (Niki, Sarah, Laurie and Ash, I hope you are all well and smiling!  I love and have loved all of you to death!  Sorry, I had to hide my heart!)


Even “males” in the industry, b!tches!  Don’t think they’re going to have your back either!
I am not mentioning names because I do not want to live thinking every weird noise I hear is a cop car pulling in to file charges on me for saying something wrong (to people that don’t/won’t communicate back)


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with “these advocates” intimidating me out of speaking truth.  WAKE UP CALL!!!  These b!tches are getting paid out the ass to cause you stress, me stress, not communicate AND make ya feel horrible for doing what’s best for you.  Bet!


Lower your expectations, bruh!  You are not going to see the same amount of effort you put in from these fakes!  They’ll have you hiding strengths, money, your feelings and their inconsistencies!

Stay focused!  Keep pushing!  Do you!  Let them sleep on their timesheets and your ambitions then say you never spoke up for yourself, advocated.


Drink water, hit the gym, get out those honest concerns and frustrations they claim ruined their lives, on your own.


Walk quietly and carry dynomite!  Blow their shit up!  Then.. say “oh sorry ma’am I tried to keep all this private and out of the headlines!  No one would listen to me whisper.  Tell critics to act like crickets and shut their fkn mouths.  Be BOLD, EXPRESS WHAT”S EATING AT YOU calmly and quietly.. See if they are really listening!  

Want some peace and quiet?  Unload what’s on your mind, tiptoe around their sensitivities then wait for a response.
Don’t be upset by shit that doesn’t imply you!

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