A “Fellow Fitness Freak” I can align my ambitions up with.  We will call him C.W!
Calm down, we already discussed his OPENNESS to playing by my rules and how we let what bothers us, around here go!

I am not afraid of him breaking into little pieces IF I mutter constructive criticism and commentary under my breath, too loudly.  He has the heart of a champion.  I wish more people took his way of dealing with me more seriously.


I’ve been shying away from full throttled “wax on, wax off” input for awhile now.  I’m glad the bulk of that excess ENERGY can be displaced into him for now on, if I ever come off as being “too tough” on readers.


CW, bro…

Thanks for signing up on the mailing list.  Feel free to encourage your friends and family to follow suit.  Let’s definitely put chatting more about sponsorships on the to-do list.  We’ll save those chats for now.

I appreciate you encouraging me at the gym and now in my writing.
I will fill you in later, but writing about your fitness goals and ambitions to me, has a proven track record.  How about today’s leg session, dude!?

I know you saw me hit hamstring curls, leg extensions, squats in the back room and a minute or so on the treadmill!  Not too shabby, huh!?  I definitely raised the bar on myself with extensions and squats.

My legs still feel like jello!  I’m surprised I lasted that long on the treadmill to be honest with you!  Dude, I was pushing over 60 lbs in the squat rack!  PR’d at 70 lbs!  Extensions got up to 40 lbs for MULTIPLE sets, too.



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