Listen “LilyPad,”

Writing about and focusing on a career revolving around fitness is not gone by any means, trust me.  I am still hard at work in the area.  A  big element in that field is flexibility.

In today’s post, I want to share, and expand a bit on current momentum.  Shifting gears from fitness and motivation into streaming and bitcoin is coming soon!

I never thought I’d be a “frontrunner” in either area.  Future posts should revolve around research and data, while streaming to me is just as much about fun and interest as it is sustaining an independent lifestyle.

There is limitless room for growth in my comprehension and utility of both areas.  These independent studies/ documented focuses are now at the forefront of most of my energy.

Moving forward, do NOT take any of my ramblings as financial advice or as 100% truth.  I’m new to the ring and piecing things together the best I can.

My LIVE streaming IS rooted in my gym work and getting people there on their own accord still.  I am reaching 10-12 times as many people though.  I currently have over 600 fans being notified when I’m online and LIVE.

I hear I’m already “loved” around the streaming community.  I am mindful sharing information because that is risky and scary to me.  

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