“Yea, Buddy!”

Funny.. I enter the world of streaming and before I know it, my whole life is on an upward trend!  Forget the full-time incomes..  Chatting about Monday’s lucid-dreaming-styled-date is what today’s post will try to put in words!

Shoutout MAN…ISH!  I owe the whole idea of Miss Natasha and I seeing each other, dining and dating this coming Monday to you, homie!  #datesonkik

Miss Alice, thanks a bunch for joining that conversation and doubling the hype in my life!  I’ll see you on Monday, too!  #datesonkik 


Ladies, thanks for seeing eye to eye and deciding to take an arm each!  We are legit making history!  It’s going to be deemed MYstory but that’s nothing to worry about!  I am taking the bull by the horns and writing both your names on my calendar is hieroglyphics.  It’s a mute point that none of us need to draw attention to.  As hinted to, sure my sweet-a** sweetheart poetry is going to have your names all over it.  I appreciate your patience!


I haven’t felt this on top of things since the last time I had to erase all the struggles and start over on a blank slate.  This “DATE” will obliterate those worrying about my inappropriateness, my tendency to trip, my shirts no longer fitting and whoever does my wash’s job being too hard!


I will do best with you TWO driving the trainwreck clear of hidden boulders.  Just give me a sign!  Be open to hitting rewind when I veer from the line!  Talk soon!

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