Perfectly Put!!

Today’s whirlpool of knowledge and common sense comes to you from “THE LETTER L!”  Get your panties out of a bunch!  L, here stands for LOVE!

I doubt I need to rehash my personal feelings on how I feel stemming the flow of Energy and Love is detrimental.  I’ve been in and out of therapy dealing with “imposed hesitancy,” we’ll call it.  Also known as me falling by the wayside avoiding certain words and expressions with every ounce of my being.

Watch this TedTalk!  GOOD professionals focus on love and making individuals and team members feel valued, appreciated, and LOVED.

I’ll tell you, in my life at least, I would have very much rather been taken by the hand and seen through learning how to appropriately express feelings of affection, joy and love over being hushed, warned and looked down on and told people get locked up for expressing honest feelings to the wrong people.

I would say f#ck b!tches but I love proving my masterminded-ness.  I love shooting arrows like cupid and never being seen equally.  This HAS BEEN the biggest source of headache in my life since birth, hiding true expression.

For that, I thank you, stressors!  I’d continue speaking words you don’t like and being defensive but I feel sharing these common thoughts on the matter will clear the air for me!

LOVING and CARING FOR employees is the best thing an employer can do.  That sheds light on being invested in their future happiness and satisfaction in the workplace as well as in life.

Maybe, hopefully, now I won’t feel I need to defend my stance on the issue!  YES!  I will now be telling those I work with “I LOVE THEM,” without feeling like I’m going to be hanged for criminal offenses!  It’s A NEW DAY!

Believe me, if I could reach past employees and show them the love they deserved, this would be a whole ‘different story!  I’d “prolly” be married, have a kid on my hip, have different care lined up, a wife living with me and a clean conscious!

Not that it will matter, but certain agencies, organizations and teams would do so much good for their employees AND CLIENTS EVEN if they rethought their business practices, rules and future threats to be more inclusive, more open and more mindful considering individuals’ purest intentions!
THANKS FOR LISTENING!  (Like a forest-fire, my heart and love stays burning!)
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