Booster Shot!

You are correct, it’s Sunday. We have a whole day before my usual weekly motivational post gets published! That’s okay, we tend to break our backs over-delivering and giving what’s anticipated as early as we can! We’re always “on a whole notha’ level.” up to good stuff, and working our @sses off to fill stomachs and hungry mouths. This post may take the place of tomorrow’s usual.

I am excited. This morning I logged my 100th quality poem on my Poetizer profile and I sent my whole collection of poetry to the printers to be pressed as a collection in a hardcover book! Published author/ poet, publicist, “addict,” gym pro, survivor and coach sounds good to me.

Grab a copy of my collection of poetry at
I tackled my home circuit well today. 50 sit-to-stands, 60+ curls with the 5’s, 5 minutes or so hitting the bag, doing that day in and day out while consuming protein and veggie smoothies has to pay off in the long run. Correct, long term goals, ambitions and visions are how we set ourselves apart here. Anybody can write out a strategic plan and stick to it for a week. We have bigger goals that require patience, dedication and foresight. Monthly goals, quarterly quotas, annual check-ins, that’s our speed. Real Eyez Realize Real Lies.

Hone in on your progress, take nothing for granted, create masterpieces, connect the dots, fund lifestyles of the rich and famous, and Keep Pushing! “We don’t need no water, let that mf burn!”
Stay focused, leave the door open. Talk to your walls, punch the heavybag, curls 5’, 10’s, 15’s and stay in your own lane! I’m sore. I hope you’re feeling your workouts too.
Share that link to get my latest publication for me! Avoid canceling me when I’m “too tough” on you. Suggest niceties, hurl compliments, to help me learn, communicate you want to wear my rings on your fingers PLEASE. I’ll stay greasing the wheels, ok? When I arrive late, take that up with those doing everything they can to distract mre from practicing getting down on one knee. PLEASE. SEE. ME.

God deserves all the glory. I don’t. I’m sore as hell on my off days too, Toto! Don’t frown when I cut you off. Stick around like a toothpick and let me floss with you. Solidarity, please. Just move!

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