If you really need more words of encouragement this week too…

(hints to upping your self-reliance), I am going to feel good about directing you to cite and muddle through a previous post. See my informal letter to HR. Towards the beginning of the week, I was feeling slightly slighted and uncomfortable with rates of input. I did not whine AUDIBLY, I did not RAISE MY VOICE, I didn’t even KICK AND SCREAM. I got to business and addressed what I felt needed to be said.
See there are 3 pages of content in full. I got my frustrations out on page one, “raged on the machine,” I gave some detail to explain my feelings on page two, then by page 3, I addressed my ill-fit feelings of adoration for the headache. (I whispered in its ears!). Took a metacognitive approach! Cheers!


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