Popsicle Stick, Watch Your 6!

X’ gonna give it to ya! So this is what putting my best interests first feels like, cool.
Transparency definitely helps me feel better. You ought to try it sometime, punk!

This morning, at not even quarter after five, I wrote my super a 3 page letter explaining that I’m planning to move forward putting myself first. I’d love to face the stress sessions that I currently do an additional time, 3 times a week. Either that, or look forward to me calling off twice a month.
I currently wake up dwelling on their ish instead of mindfulness, love and affection for life.

My counsel even muttered maybe it would be a good idea to constructively decrease what bothers me if it hurts progress and takes up too much of my headspace. Done! Too bad nobody asked questions sensing heat in my posts. My boiling point was about two decades ago.

This is going to be great for me. Being able to wake up without distaste swirling in my head and able to see what’s coming my way two weeks ahead of time will help me. “Therapy is NOT my job (anymore).” I am refocusing my efforts from now on to produce a livable income, a home for a family and toning tf out of my body.

(I tried to drag ‘em all along for the ride. Half of the people in my family don’t even support me doing what makes me happy/ upping my game in HOPES of working towards a real patriarchal status. At least I’m cognizant of being a man and doing my best at just that).

At least I put those other feelings of inadequacy to bed. Sorry ma’am.
I’m STILL right here, waiting patiently!

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