Sugar Pie/ Honey Bun


I respect you for leaving me some wiggle room in my leash.  I am not super current with many acceptable social norms.  I’m too busy over here trying to figure out how to consistently emit a light of love, compassion and appreciation without getting under certain peoples’ skin.

I am working tirelessly to bury the apprehension I feel exuding love and kindness.  I do feel a bit safer shining a light on those genuine emotions in the kik community. 
They’re doing their part in making love the focal point in this thing we call life.  I appreciate that so much!  I do like the room it gives me to practice my expressions without needlessly feeling like one wrong move is going to get me canned.
A few there have indeed already caught my tired face, projecting the overwhelming need I feel to address every misspoken word or uneasy action. 


It is brand-new to me to think that I can show deep interest in one flower and still feel supported watering all the pretty, fragrant, growing beauties.  I shouldn’t feel bad for fertilizing anyone’s potting soil, for I am a sweet, loving, man they call an individual!


Until you track me down, doll,

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  • Stephen Wayne Keech

    I like your post be careful with online relationships as things are not always as they seem.

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