HR, please keep these notes

I woke up hot today. That probably affected my demeanor. I’d like to air out what used to frustrate me this morning to show what I’m not stressing over anymore. I hope that’s ok.

Firstly, I’m tired of your fucking double standards. You and the rest of the people “in charge”like to talk out of both sides of your mouths. I’m not for that. I’m so confused anymore I’m waking up In tears and crying while I shower most days.

I AM a child of God AND I love every single person. I feel I get beat TF up for expressing myself, when I do. I manifest what I can the best that I can and you, my sisters and the rest of the narcs like to have mental breakdowns over me speaking and whispering love into as many ears as I can. Dam right her ears might get nibbled on as I whisper spells of love into her ear canals. That’s for her to deal with. Not you to have a fit over.

1 I’d like a log of the documented sessions, the paperwork these past 3 years.

2 I’d like a copy of every email communication between your employees and I since day one.

3 I’d like to hear what makes you think…

I DON’T have grounds to stand on with my wild accusations.

I’m still running away from you in my dreams most nights. I’m the boss now. We play by my rules. See me no. CEO

I dismiss blips on the screen that keep secrets from the man who would understand.

Allow me to expand. I shut the door on her heart and core showing. I felt scared knowing they send paddywagons to lock me up while we’re in each other’s presence. Don’t expel me from the hall of fame for being original. I could have with no problem. Stay watching.


For more info on the establishment that doesn’t deliver, see:

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