Skip the ads this morning! Sucka!

Get in your lane and enjoy it! Un-caps lock your texts! Put your best foot forward. Schedule your next lifting session and the weekly gym attendance array. What’s it going to be today? Legs? Pave the way, Buzz.
Barely sporting a peach fuzz is my problem not yours. I’m still trekking up that incline! It’s Phase A all day!
I didn’t bother sipping my cup of joe before I threw my body in the showering stall safely. I scrubbed my body and shook my head like a duck, then towel dried my limbs. I conquered that task once seen as an impossibility without much drama. Pssch.. then mama came home.
Room to spread my wings and care about people USED TO scare me! I love you, you and you, Ms. Grilled Cheese. I honor God constantly and that’s all that matters. I swear, I know I’m known for hallucinating bull.. That’s being put in the trashcan, tied and escorted gently to sit and wait by the road this morning. I got business to take care of and look forward to. LEG DAY should commence shortly after.
Currently my chest is calm and loose. I am breathing freely. I feel my writing itself is a great indicator of how I see and feel about things. One day, a sweet goosebump might read to learn about me but I have no problem stepping back from that ledge. Chasing riches, and women off a cliff makes zero sense.
Recycling this energy like it’s juice gets me shaking a root AND it is hilarious when these people sitting on the sidelines overreact. I laugh and snicker my a$$ off lying in bed watching clips of Flintstone known as Fred.
I guessed it would all come to me cause I know how good I look in the mirror when I flex. Give it a rest? Come back to Earth? Yea, ok.. maybe next year or when I’m not on top of things like a mascot at the top of a pyramid of loose lady bodies. Try me. Communicate. Assure me I am allowed to address you privately. Lick your lips Kyle, you’re drooling.

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