Methodical Mondays

While SHOWERING this morning, I decisively put all my thoughts through a strainer.  I separated myself from worries of future troubles and past regrets.  I decided to live in the present and not stress myself out over things I have little to no control of.  I’m focusing on being the best person I can be today and appreciating all I have going for me.

The cavalry, led by my girl Caity, is waiting in anticipation of touching base this morning, I’m sure.  Tell her to sit on her hands!  I gotta handle business!  Tell her I’m forecasting an upgraded weekly and monthly schedule breaking horizons.  My plan is to add to my output like a nut.  We, as a team, are going straight up! 

From here on out, my months will be on an AB schedule.  Weeks 1 and 3 will be clearly set as A’s, weeks 2 and 4, B’s.  A’s will be routine after routine after routine, 3 to 4 days in the gym much like they’ve been for the past 20+ years.  B’s will be full of days staying at home doing my home-based rehabilitative work.
This morning I worked through the first of many HBRW’s at home.  I walked 3 laps around the house.  I pushed through 3 sets of 30 dumbell curls and 3 sets of 30 shoulder presses with the dumbells.  Light weight dumbells are perfect here.  This morning I broke up that schedule into 3 sets of 3.  1 lap, 1 set of curls, 1 set of presses, 3 times!  Talk about efficiency!  I nailed that coffin shut!  I killed it. 
Understanding reality, I know I set the bar high!  This ain’t no game, sucka’s!  Get on my level if progress is the goal.  The only power you need tyo have control of is the power to think through things clearly.  Distinguishing what you can handle stress-free is important.  If it’s unaffected by how much energy and wit you put into it, it’s out of your control.  Focus only on what you have the slightest impact on and can add to the conversation.

Don’t abandon the idea of the shelf you’ve been putting the irrelevant on, too quickly.  Everything caught in that strainer’s going to look really good up there.  STAY FOCUSED!  REPRIORITIZE what you CAN influence to the top of your list.  What week is it for you?  Is it week A?  Are you waiting on your ride to head to the gym OR are you getting finished with your first HBRW!? 
Either way, you best be documenting it visually.  Write it down!  Write to RECOVER/ get stronger!

– KyleKeech

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