This Output!

Hey Beatrice, I’m glad I thought to bite my tongue and NOT mention your real identity until now. Who knows who would have crapped their pants.
I’m just glad WE instilled the importance of steadfast-ness together and we both held true to our convictions. I’m doing better than ever and I do thank you for the energy to keep pushing. I’m TRUSTING GOD more than ever and I LOVE THAT!

I’ve leveled up if you ask me in the past few weeks and in my heart I know having you in my corner has made me a better man. I’m now actively using the minute clashes we endured to add to my creative process. I literally went from having therapy once a week to now having 9 or 10 sessions a week. The way that works out with approvals and such I’m only allotted 3 weeks of therapy at a time and I think that is perfect.

The chance of burn out is higher with that many sessions a week but 3 weeks of more intensive output like that every couple months I feel is going to maximize results. 😁

“Ya, ima embrace it. Thanks miss!”

This is Miss Carolyn. We both drank some GPS Rebuild at the end of my session yesterday

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