AKA: Hole Poker

Hi. I want to shed a bit of light on the potential development I’m currently seeing. Mk!? Thanks!

How was your day today? Was it good? Was it great? Did you experience any uplifting energy or feelings of rejuvenated optimism? Hmmm?

I had a great day. My mind was much clearer than usual, especially this morning. I did not wake up with tormenting thoughts or anything. No dwelling, no nightmares, nothing like that. It’s 7p and I’m still smiling AND STILL AWAKE!!!

I’ve certainly been adapting a few new motto’s in my life recently. One being, WHEN IN DOUBT, ZOOM OUT.

STRESS LESS, is an important one for sure. Take care of yourself. If something is not adding to your momentum or success these days, I am not nearly as hesitant preserving my energy.


KEEP PUSHING as always, pretty people!

🌻🌞❤️ I’m definitely feeling more at ease and less troubled by hesitations, I’ll tell you that much. Confidence still comes in waves, for me these days.

I DO NOT have any valid fears at the moment. It feels great! I’m tempted to express myself so gleefully it will cause you to grab some eye drying tissues as usual.

Showered, drawers on, bedtime at quarter of 8. Trade your TV dinners for microwave macaroni, baby. Come on. Save me. You don’t even have to say save me. I see the guns pointed. Take care.

I’m rare because I care. All they do is stare. I’ll be the mayor on my block before I ever get caught. That’s another thing I’ll take to the grave. I’ll be braver 6 foot under I’m sure punching upwards. The dirt subsides. Just say hi! #nomoreweteyes

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  • Steve Keech

    Nice post I like it , I like the content

  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    I’m telling you Kyle you should write a book in your spare time you need to write a book you are unbelievable you really are you’re a great great man you are write a book would you please so I can read it before I die I love you

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