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I’ve been chucking deuces a lot lately. ✌🏻 Sorry mom. I value integrity and honesty a bit more in my life. Get your frustrations out Kyle! I brought this up to my therapist this week..How this flies is unbeknownst to me I’ll tell ya that much. Why in the world would two professionals in the same field, at the same company, working with the same client, “on the same team” NOT EVEN KNOW each other?
Is that on your clients shoulders too? To fill all parties in on real life, progress and clientele? Good thing there are things called case managers huh?

Pssch.. my ass dear,

MLR, y’all better step up YOUR frkn game. I’ll tell ya this, these frkn headgames you’re throwing carelessly do NOT add to my success. I can only speak for myself huh?

I thought about it last night. I better not say ALL your therapists and aides fall wholly short of company mission statements because I’ll get phone calls I won’t answer. I’ll be taken to court, tried for defamation, break even more hearts. I’ll just say I’ve yet to see some if not most of the individuals I’ve worked with from your company scrape the bottom of the barrel, dump it on my plate and except way too much respect.
It’s called mutual respect sweetcheeks. That’s you dude, call me and return my pleads please. I don’t drop names because I already deal with a bunch of unneeded guilt. Who else there is not cutting their weight? I’ll hold’em accountable, you slackers. Here, just brush off these vile mischaracterizations as a result of my mental instability and this “horrid” situation going on in our nation…
Lol don’t you know or read a thing I write? It actually helps me to scrape my skull clean of things I ruminate on so…I’ve been quarantined for close to two decades. Yea, I get out, put progress first and handle business but I honestly feel insulted and like you should be paying me. I’ll leave it there. It’s out. If respected, my feelings and wellbeing will be addressed by you. Dw, I’m not counting on it. ✌🏻

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  • FACTS:
    I currently face struggles ruminating on some deep sh!t. Feeling persecuted already for 2 out of 3 my most recent therapists doing everything in their power to shine on AND SLEEP WITH me is number 1 on that list.
    The fact they hide is on a HNL. That bull is partly a result of my MATURITY snd RESTRAINT, deprivation and saying nope. Number two is probably rooted in YOUR ASSOCIATES repressing emotions, feelings and rightminded intentions.

    If I gave them what they wanted, believe me you’d have bigger problems than doctor bills to pay for, immunizations to schedule and lawsuits against your most productive clients to deal with. That’s none of my business though so I’ll just put off addressing this all AGAIN tomor’

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