Mr. Tibbs, Sir,

Excuse me relying on addressing fictitious characters when I am indirectly writing you. I find it’s helping me kick my debilitating nerves to the curb. Recent talks led me to believe I was in the red asking if your 30 year old daughter worked at a specific rehabilitation center. You could have just told me no but my 24 year old daughter did at one time. That would have greatly improved the situation.
Your daughter is a doll and I’ve cared for her greatly since the day we met. Word has it, she took my moments of distress as a shove into the abyss.
I greatly apologize. I feel finally getting this out there will help me enormously.
She is still my motivation for we made art out of scattered pieces of Hope.
Please please please share my words and thoughts with her. I want nothing but the best for her.
I would also want nothing more than to rekindle the comfort and longing. She knows where I am and how to reach me. Ask her to try comforting me with soft eyes and open arms. Please and thanks! Give her the biggest hug for me too. I’ll do my best to not bother you and your family moving forward. Kyle


Also let her know I’m setting the world on fire 🔥 and I respect her, love thinking about her and am still right here, hoping.
(This is AN EXERCISE in maturity, reframing and mindfulness). Bye!

I AM working on and through a bunch of repressed emotions.
I DO fear opposition in the situation. I KNOW I would greatly benefit from just connecting on the phone with her and or simply texting back and forth.
I do not want to make you or the Mrs. uncomfortable. Let’s connect soon! 😁

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