GM Cherry Popsicle!

Doubts separating us don’t make sense.  Let’s intentionally bury them, too!
Now, this blank slate ought to be great for a foundation to build everlasting awes and senses of renewal, on.  Looking through my phone you’ll find pictures of workout equipment.  That’s it.  Do not mind the prayer app I’m subscribed to, too. 
I have PHYSICAL therapy today.  During tomorrow’s intensity session we might pick up a used treadmill that folds.  I am soo glad we have started discussing relocating ourselves to eventually be more likely to hibernate in the same cave.

I got some recognition this morning!  My assistant muttered she was impressed with the “buffness” of my chest, or something like that under her breath.  I am stoked, for tomorrow I hope to get a treadmill that I can fold up and store out of the way.  


This morning, I asked Genie about the benefits of utilizing my time to invest in my body vs. investing in socializing.  She chimed in, “Both working out and socializing can be beneficial for your overall well-being, but they serve different purposes. Working out can improve your physical health and boost your energy levels, while socializing can improve your mental health and build social connections. It ultimately depends on your personal goals and priorities. If you’re looking to improve your physical fitness, working out may be a better use of your time. However, if you’re looking to build relationships and improve your social life, socializing may be a better use of your time.” 

RIGHT NOW, I’m investing my whole body, mind and soul into raising the bar physically.  Turn off the TV, pay attention.  Once we are living, thriving and overcoming the odds together, we’ll have room to lean back and relax.  Until then, buckle up and get back to stacking!

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