Hey Guppy, Listen!!!!!


You’re up already right?
I’ll check on you in 10, rest up.
Anyways, check out this clip I taped for you this morning!

I have a bunch of therapy today and this week but I’ll work to put together an initial plan for progress with your name on it by the end of the day.
While I’m doing that, be sure to start your personal page at TeamIBK.com awhile. That is how we’re going to get you back stronger than ever!

Talk soon!

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    Kyle this is my mom who is Nick by your speech and seems like he was somebody that was in an accident or was injured who is Nick just interested to know that was a great piece at 6:30 and why aren’t you allowed to have coffee no one ever explained that to me explain it to me would you please you did a great job you always do a great job you should have been a writer you should have been I love you much

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