Pardon My Reach_


Next time I hint to a note on my wall, read the rigt one!

Firstly, letting me know you saw or at least heard about this post and every other attempt I’ve made to reach out and connect with solely you will erase a lot of built up guilt on my shoulders, huh!? It’s all been GROWTH-MEDITATED, I’ll coin that phrase.
Tell me again, me howling at the moon fits perfectly into your looney, toon-culture. Only I write to ignite the phrases I repeat to myself like self-discovered mantras.
Just yesterday, a researcher found my pinky toe beneath the rubble. Look at that, I stand straight every time I start to stumble. These walls crumble seeing me. Please, get in my lane or refrain from claiming these long days feel like quicksand you just can’t find you can’t get away from.


So, today I started my day with a banana, drop of happiness and a pot of jet fuel. Do not mull-over those facts cause they’ll pin ya. They’ll say we here to ring in the races, paces, chases. My hands being blood-free leaving the scene shows my calculation for extended growth and potential showing it’s thick-ness is real. You can’t bite through this. It’s not a joke.
I’ve-been stoking these lit flames to incinerate head games, plans for persecuting me and making my way to the top. You’ll see.
I got renewed hope on my side, Jesus Christ up front in Coach and my sorry-*ss getting ready to revoke my own permissible excuse cards. It’s your turn to wait! I’m coming around. I’m doing great!  Buhbyeee!!




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