Listening yet!?

Go ahead, put the swamp up for rent!  Eat less!  Mock the moon and crater like a goon!
Would of listened to me, y’all woulda been slip n’ sliding through all this B.S!

Put God FIRST.
Secure income, set up manageable accounts and bunker down!

F*ck being overly considerate of people who won’t move an inch to save your heart. 
Put your goals in the batter’s cage.  Chase goals, not girls.

Keep reading if you’re new here!  We don’t avoid hard truths, being tough on ourselves or elevating our own best interests.  High tides raise all these boats don’t they? We get a jet, we’re all taking month long vacations in the tropics!
SIGN UP ON THAT MAILING LIST!  Tell friends and fam to jump on the boat too!  As always, I’ll take the L.  I enjoy the domineering, Herculean climb back!

I’m ADDING WEIGHT to my weight sled and running laps around entire football teams!  I’m murdering the academic development scene.  Cash flow is all that could be imptroved upon and that’s already coming!

Make things easier on yourself, utilize lists!  Avoid dwelling over sh!t.
ADLs, hygiene, write, work out, achieve greatness!
Don’t ever let stress rule.  Brush your shoulders of distractions!  Eat your opposition!  Whole!  Chew ‘em up and digest their inaccurate accusations they hold onto for dear life!  Fuel your next move!  Do not worry about tipping them off.  They’d be doing themselves a favor by eye-glassing your footsteps!

Be a thug.  Get ahead, value love but don’t beg.  It’s not your ankle, they’re tying anvils to.  Redefine, or extend self-love to include holding your head high recognizing your own outreach!  Fall back after foundations are set.  Let the cement harden.  Let them get offended by you doing everything under the sun that you can to make a lasting impact.

Act smart if you have to.  All you really need to do is create a life you can annihilate with your feet up!  Figure it out.  Stay focused.  Tunnel vision, baby!  Make progress!  Leave these freaking hangnails be.  Value morals over getting @ss.  Set yourself up to be the saving grace for your whole family.  Wear haters like waders.  Go deep.  Catch all the Hail Mary’s and score the winning touchdown!  Bluntly admit and share that you empathize.  Explain, not seeing you “try” is on their shoulders, you told ‘em to open their eyes.   You tried force-feeding but they wouldn’t latch on.

Feeling attacked yet!?  Good!  I’ll leave y’all alone until you find me, ok!?  Y’all know I’m not running away, just running sh!t.  I’m cunning, having fun and constantly at ease.  I refuse to appease those who knock me for expressing love like it’s my dying wish.  I’m a bit more over calling ‘em out by name!  I call that grace!  If I had time and energy to construct a physical stage, you’d notice my presence there breaking the roof!  Be bold, son!  Tell’em them hating on your ability to love EVERYONE is no longer something you’ll ever worry about again! 
KEEP PUSHING!  Mary!  NICKY from kik!  ERIC!  JOE!  ASHLEY!  I’m in my lane, let me go if your feet can’t keep up!  “Sorry y’all, ain’t got no haters!”
I’m looking forward to manning this hurricane!  I’m already wet, drenched in sweat!  30-40 cats watching me get it out LIVESTREAMING will be an understatement today!  I’m setting records!  Ferocity, loaded pellet guns, green weeds growing in your garden, get upset when I offer a peace sign with two fingers up.
I’ll brush my shoulders of disdain if it’s not a fair fight or.. I’m quite frankly just tussling with somebody I don’t respect.  When I’m left assuming, being an @ss is a release! 

My next move today might be initiating financial transactions, it might be drawing, it will be accompanied by ghetto hood rap, sap.  Stack butter!  Unwrap your stutter, drink milk from an utter, feel braver to leave thorns in your side exactly where they’re at! 

Let’em hate.  Let’em assume.  Let’em get broomed from sight, vacuumed into bag and never acknowledged again!  Let them all get theirs!  Stay praying and living by that code, bro!  Stick your fingers in your ears and keep it up.  Push through piles of manure and profess love louder.  Stand with your legs wider.  Let the ig’nant have their own dam selves.  Put them on the shelves you’ve erected with help.  Write a list of goals on a posterboard and circle or hash which is next.  Checkbooks don’t come with enough checks to address what you’ve already worked through.  Hold your head high!

– KyleKeech

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