Crystal Clear Conditions/ Diamonds: An Exercise In Rational Reframing

IN THERAPY, I’m learning how to settle some stressors, elevate other influences and weigh consequences more efficiently. Give me a headnod for doing that at least. Yah, I’m in there like swimwear and like a bear I’m growing comfy incubating.

“Don’t hate me for outlining a few external influences that add to performance statistics.. please.”

For more potential, higher benchmarks and easiness to “deal” with me at least, certain facts being known will help..

1. I do much better with individuals around me being on the same page.

  1. I benefit from stableness. Effort is different than mindset. If you’re going to be a downer, be that every time I see you. I do not do as well getting used to ups and downs that are not mine.
    If you pull through and paint a smile on your face 24/7 like me that’ll help. I’m not the best personally assigning ratings on friends. I do my best to keep the loving equal.
  2. Please reciprocate my openness if you want me to be open with you. The illusion that you’re hiding certain things from me makes it very hard for me to grow comfortable trusting you as a whole.
  3. Being scared or made to fear communicating vulnerabilities shows lack of comfortability, empathy and honesty levels.


These rational guidelines sound universal to me. It’s a start, it’s a draft I’ll add to.

Oh, hovering and reading my work over my shoulder, lets me know you are reading my thoughts/ my mind and what I want to be acknowledged. Carrying on with the status quo shows reluctance to be mindful. Pew Pew!

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