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“It’s therapy.” End of discussion.


I’ve been at it the whole time. I’m a blooming flower is how I ended my last email to my current therapist. Output, creative output, books written and song lyrics getting recognized as my latest advancements in life is wild!


Go ahead! Check out my profile on RapChat! Click the link below!. I’m hoping to get a custom button  over on the sidebar that leads to my profile there or my latest hit!

#itsthere is kind of my favorite song!  Click the black area!

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  • Oh Wubbles, what did I do?
    Im writing this post at 8:30p, 12 hours before I would normally compose my weekly posts. I did publish a very good post this morning too. Check it out, I shared some info on my latest efforts to grow and develop my expertise.

    On the tip of my tongue, believe me are the tainted memories and flashbacks of euphoria experienced working one on one with one of my latest therapists.

    How the heck are you going to look at me straight faced ma’am, knowing a lot of the things you and your company looked down on me for were manifested in between the times we spent together?
    I’ll tell you, I know I still feel attacked, saddened, STILL scared and I cry 4-5 times a day thinking I might have truly been the source of such anxiety.

    Holy shit, ACEs? Try tasteless craziness… today, on my wall I taped a sheet of paper saying “friendships” are “relationships.”
    Words put in my mouth/ ungentlemanly notions that I’d ever do anything to flip the smile I saw upside down in a million years is like a dagger in my heart over and over and over. That’s 1 misconception dealt with.

    Do not ever tell me again that if I like you, I’m gonna lose support then threaten me when I say ya sure. I love everyone. Gods love allows that. YOU told me that and encouraged it. Uhm double standards that have zero significance tear my heart to pieces knowing I never know which way you want it today.

    Who’s the client here? Who’s the therapist? I won’t cast aspersions because they suck but I will rely on my train of thought writing and mindset to release the bubbles in my boiling blood. I wouldn’t even trade the moments of bliss I randomly experience without hesitation if I thought I’d get a second chance. Those glimpses of joy help by causing me to think you’d miss them too.

    Energy taken advantage of though, ya. You can bet I’m still riding high day in and day out because I wrote that on my wall on day one.
    Im like a fish, no worries. I’m swimming through this bull and I’m coming out on top every single day.
    I’m doing well. Are y’all kicking it still? I am interested in your well-being, your rate of success, your faith in me and our eyes staying locked if we ever see each other again. Peace.

    I got it out ^

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