Thank you for accepting my sharing of euphoric energy with all of you! I consider that love. Plain and simple, ladies and gentlemen. I intend to fend off grumpy faces with smiles for miles! I hope you ALL feel that energy and love too btw! ALL OF. YOU!

A vision of beauty, a maiden of the light,
She enchanted his eyes, his beautiful She-Wolf
Shy in heart, still alone in the lands
Wishing she was in his hands,
She whispered softly, ‘Love springs eternal…’ A visage of mystery, a master of the dark,
He fascinated her eyes, her furry Lord-Wolf
Sad in spirit, still alone in the lands
Wishing life made less demands,
He growled fiercely, ‘Love springs eternal…’ A challenge of love, eyes meet and hold,
She enchanted him, he fascinated her,
Shyness and sadness, no longer alone in the lands.
Bound together with shared demands,
Felt by both, ‘Love springs eternal.’ A life of bliss, spirits entwined,
Love that is pure in spirit and mind.
Lifemates forever, happiness found in the lands.
Touched by Fate’s tender hands,
Love springs eternal.

Anthony Halat

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  • Dolores Cortlessa

    You know my handsome grandson every day that I get off and I’m alive I thank God and know it’s going to be a beautiful day because I have another day of life that God gave me anyway I love what you read what you say I just don’t make any sense out of it but today I did it was pretty good all right keep sending me I can never send I don’t know whether you get my comments or not I don’t know I love you Kyle one of these days when I have a car I’m going to come see you I love you so

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