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If you’ve truly been addicted to my writing like I am and like you’ve been saying for months if not years, you should know these stones are getting polished daily. I’m not interested in hearing myself whine let alone you cry. Don’t be shy stating the fact that you lying is how you get by.
New this morning is the reaffirming that I do face trouble accepting “you’re” not intentionally putting yourself through hell NOW to seek a better TOMORROW. Hope has a new light in my life.
My closets are bare. There is nothing hiding under my bed holding my back, afraid to display my true strengths these days.

If you’re in my inner circle, you have heard me recite the lasting truth that all my recent turbulent afflictions and unsteady road traveling have all been part of my healing process. I swear, I feel I’m about to take off!
I woke up, got out of bed, drank a water, ate a banana and took my medicine very efficiently and independently this morning. I’ve already done six or seven sets of curls with the eights. I’ve beaten dents into the EVERLAST heavy bag hanging in my house.

I also designated the proper canvas to get any future frustrations out on in a more sincere and appropriate manner. It feels good to not feel bad for that nonsense anymore. I AM letting go! Thanks for bearing with me as I hurled everything but the kitchen sink at myself to intentionally sharpen my spear.

I’ve got a full clip loaded sucka! Heed the warning. Don’t mess with this rate of progress unless you want your momma feeling the excessive heat I throw at you.
It’s all been a learning process. Don’t let “people” get too comfy with how easy you make their lives. Complacency is a tool of the Devil. That’s just it! I’ve questioned my uneasiness with feeling comfort and enjoying it.
Comfort leads to complacency. Complacency leads to stagnation. I’m not interested in that, so (ladies) I really hope when you do wise up to the benefits of being with me, you heed the advice and don’t leave me questioning your dedication and sticking it out-ness. I hate letting miniscule insecurities individuals intentionally or unintentionally left behind when they ghosted affect my output. Questions not getting answered is not my fault. People hiding their lives and lying is not on me either so please stop digging your grave even deeper if you wish for what could be.
Try some Grace, Frankie! Be cute all you want with everybody that’s not me. You’ll just have more to answer for that semifinalist round of the contest. I know you all want the promised chivalry, who you kiddin’?
I do have some issues holding people accountable. If I don’t ask you and you don’t tell me something you probably should, you better be blessing me in affection to make up for it! That definitely includes being honest, advocating for what you want, letting me know I’m not alone, not lying and showing me some physical attention, holding hands and NOT sexting my homies behind my back. It’s not that hard, toots. Thanks!

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  • Dolorest T Cortlessa

    Nice. — keep up the good work – Proud of you

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