To Be Continued..

To be continued

Please don’t ask me if I love you. I’m not allowed by law to show a single ounce of affection without losing everything in my life. I’ve told you, people like to, enjoy overreacting. I’ll be the only one that suffers if either of us messes up.
I made it clear I wasn’t going to chase ya because I’m sure as hell not going to jail. I’d really like to NOT lose my insurance, allotted coverage, or the minimally felt support y’all get by giving either.
Watch me get in trouble for talking to myself and writing about this.
Watch, this is definitely a result of us all overwhelming each other with support at different rates and times.
I get no room to mess up. I did that once. Ask your bosses. I’m not even allowed to type, publish or say your first freaking name to myself without hearing about it.
Watch this post not measure up, it’ll remain a draft on my phone. It’s been that way since day one. I’ll nod my head and agree if you say it right.

Y’all question why I’m always scared. I LIVE on a tightrope. Im not allowed to be myself. I am the manliest man, biggest sweetheart and heartthrob I know. Nobody on my wishlist will even read this.
Those who are open to loving me back get the world handed to them. I’ll see you all at church friends!

(The WORD “friends” itself is outlawed). Bet, if it weren’t our last interaction would have totally been different. Good luck. My doors always open.
Rest up.

(Try telling me that you love me first, too)


^Thats my fear wall. 
see my new page explaining M.A.W Wall here:


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  • In effort to overcome it, please know if I ever retract honest, loving gestures it’s because I’m nervous/ scared people will overreact.

    I’m teaching classes on what I’m doing. Not everyone is as behind me as my true friends and family.

    Reassurance goes a long way. Thanks

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