DC – Dearest Closet

I only see you when I close my eyes some days.  I wish I could tune into your breath-rate.  I’ll shut the shades.  I welcome the home-raids.  I’m out in the open. Brave some days.  Others, I’m focused to the point nothing infiltrates the dome.  That’s my intro.

Last night I was brainstorming ways to curtail my output into a more video-recording interface, for lack of better words.  I will include a few clips here that SHOULD get you amped up and smiling!  What you do with that vibe is on you!

Inconsistent At Best – 8/31

Today’s Whirlwind DID include my morning sets!  Sets before I was even out of bed reached 30 times 3 at least!  Ankle pumps, quad sets…  Herculean poses while horizontal felt off.  Biceps Curls, Shoulder Presses, and Sit-to-Stands, felt needed.  I gotta walk these laps high stepping, read the manuals.

Aircraft carriers pulling my tugboat-behind behind matter.  Give ‘em respect.  Bet.  I’ll mismatch my untied shoelaces with the noose trying to erase us.  I’ll bow at the end of the scene you haven’t seen yet.  

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  • Who are you are you the greatest author of all times or you can really write what are you eating lately this was a good one I couldn’t understand this one it was pretty good okay I hope you’re okay I heard from Jackie yesterday made me happy I never hear from Corey Tori who is Tori anyway I never hear from her okay I love you Kyle talk to you later

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