FTD -Sorry Miss

Sorry Miss
This is exactly why I don’t chase girls, eh..
You listening?
God is first. I’m holding onto my hope and trust in God tighter than ever in my life. I’m sorry I got spooked the last time we saw each other but I’m taking your lead and putting my pursuit of Him first for now on.

Last night after I got home from worship, I typed up a post saying I was on my knees begging for forgiveness.
Not all mornings go as planned. Sometimes I do get impatient and express vile expletives that I feel better describe the turmoil in my brain at the moment but just remembering Him really leaves the biggest smile on my face and removes the choking feeling I feel. I dry my eyes on my own because it’s the least I can do.
Being positive is a powerful tactic. Letting go of all mistakes and missteps becomes so much easier when you trust someone’s got you.
God’s timing is just right. The only level playing field I need is an understanding that what I’m working for, a spreading of the Word and testimony powerful enough to reach the masses is all I need.

Needs. I need love. I need forgiveness. I need Jesus Christ. I need trust, openness and receptivity to function at my best but hey not everyone is going to wait for me to adjust to everything coming at me as swimmingly as a duck all at once.
Embrace it. My calmness waking up on this morning. The third or fourth Friday since last month.
I explained and introduced yesterday to a mentor that these days rappers cite God just like I see him, able to take all my worries, battles and headaches upon Himself.
Brushing my shoulders off is the least I can do I’m  thinking.
Today’s going to be great. Thanks for listening.



  • Ladies and lionesses
    Please understand with no further adue I feel I ought to leave my heart open enough for you to see I’m sorry I can’t say two or more words together in succession without the police being called. I’m not open? Really?
    Men of the year, gentle beasts with everything you could ever want. Do. Not. Measure. Up.
    I’m worried less than the consensus’s reach into the future. Bucket list. His wrist. Ring on your finger and tiara.
    Oh well.

  • “If you can’t keep up, I’m cutting the cord bro..”

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