Stable Shakiness

Wow, to get this weight off my chest I better lift with my knees and not my back. Make up your mind. In your head, am I allowed to love life or no? Am I allowed to enjoy life or must I bite my tongue longer?
Get it, this impasse in coverage I blame on your agency’s inconsistent input.

“I can’t snap my fingers and produce a loving relationship” (your words) yea, well ya probably could stop throwing misdirections and changing standards at ME in particular.
Tell me I’m not allowed to SIMPLY USE words like love, I can’t express adjectives without losing everything I hold dear please.
If I would have ever used that sentence you used in your last email WORD FOR WORD you would of had issues. Don’t lie. You would have split your pants thinking Oh Mylanta, this guy is getting too comfortable, too invested, too mindful. He’s… ahh just following the rules to the t, I better throw another reason to stress over nothing into his life.

Understand the undertone PLEASE. Tell me words are banned then use those exact words in your next email. FTS BRO!
I love following the rules. I don’t love needing to constantly think about avoiding rubbing you the wrong way every single day.

I guess our interpretations of the very words you use are very different. LOVING RELATIONSHIPS, yea those two words if I ever use those words around you I lose my therapist!

Your last substitute told me you say I cannot use words like that then you say THAT word in particular in the very next outreach??

Think about it. I kind of have you cornered. Your rulebook changing every time the wind blows is frkn bullsh*t.
IM MISSING OUT HERE. IM GETTING PENALIZED for following suit and fostering nice, responsible, mature as f*ck “LOVING RELATIONSHIPS”

Again, I won’t be held responsible for your inconsistency. Moving on. Kicking my legs as violently as I can. Thanks for the monkey wrench.


  • Priscilla

    I don’t know exactly what your situation is here, but I will say this: if someone loves someone else, they need to tell them. Because a day might come when they won’t be able to anymore, and they will wish they had. Being afraid or embarrassed about using that word is not worth it.

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