Just Put Your Intellect To Use, Kyle!


Ok, LionFoot
Is “LIKING” you ok? That’s all I desire hearing morning after morning. Just tell me to relax! Please. I got the feds involved last time I dealt with bull…. Then, I brushed my shoulders. Please…. Encourage me to 1. Relax, 2. Be Honest, 3. Let and feel my real emotions flow. Encourage me to hire a hitman to handle imps I ain’t got time or patience to let go of with Grace.
Tell me to stop worrying about cells locking when I feel pressured. Me feeling decent gets more individuals walking on their tiptoes than needed but that’s not on me either.
I have the gym this morning. Let telling me what you think is best for me go. I am vibing.

Now.. If these posers listened when they encouraged me to empathize with them maybe they’d still be in the picture. They are dead to me now and I still think about them too much. Like nightmnares, they haunt my dreams, always peeking around the corner, staring at me. At least 1 of every 500 million words I compose gets seen. Believe me, if I wore the pants in this sh!t, my recollection of the way her face, her hair and her last nail color looked would be known.

“Hi Booo!” You know, I could care less about individuals saying I’m not fitting in. I wish you a great start to your week. Find me again by the end of time. Please. Thanks.

That’s all. I already broke their hearts and made them cry reading today’s post. I will work on building the confidence to call your home phone again today. I hope I get through to the answering machine so I can practice my “I LOVE YOU’s.” Say hi to mama and paw for me. I’m in my lane and swerving from this dead-ass line gets me fined every single time. Call me T.O, I’ve had it with tiptoeing around my projected speech.

Go ahead, I encourage you to pull up my credit score and the laundry list of charges via credit karma. 96 minutes until this week’s scorecard gets punched. Let me guess, you’re still in bed here at 6:55 AM aren’t ya? I’m looking forward to blowing my riches making her nose tickle. BYYYYE!

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