Monday’s Post 11/11 SECURED


Alriiiight, you got it! This entry is being put together on the day of the Lord, Sunday 11/10/2019.
The fire’s embers are burning brighter and hotter than ever in my personal life. I’m ultra-appreciative God’s by me, deflecting the struggles that are too much and absorbing what I’m not focused on.

My cranium is sourly too finite to deal with certain issues while putting my best foot forward. I am in the best shape of my life, yet some things still phase me. “Put it out there Kyle,” making it real is my goal right now.

I struggle appreciating the fact that I KEEP PUSHING all while I can barely support myself, financially.
BUT that gets brushed off every single day ‘cause I know my priorities are not headlined with another casualty report.

I struggle trusting people. I trust God, write harmonizing words to get by, flex constantly, eat the best that I can. RATE MY LAST PERFORMANCE PHYSICALLY, as critically as I can, draw my own map to get around this detour as efficiently as possible, and have 0 issues..
Calling those around me out for not over-impressing me, having high hopes, wanting what’s best and never settling.

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