“I told yaaaa..”. Never mind. SHAKES MY HEAD.

That’s proof right there, hold tight/ out, have patience, trust God. Stay humble, steadfast, have confidence in the plan, get what you need.
Know that when you don’t get what you want, it’s because God knows it’s not what’s best for you at this time in your life.

> Interpersonal relationships, shut up. I’ve been ahead of ya I guess this whole time. Today, 02/04/2020, my cognitive specialist and I discussed THE MATERIAL.

“Interpersonal Relationships” search my archives for that term. If it hasn’t already been taken down in the name of fear, I pursued that information for months only to be discouraged and made to feel like I was a creep.
Thanks for the support, scaredy cats. That’s exactly it. I moved too quickly for many supports of mine so they stuck their heads in a hole and hid. This is going to be confidence-building. It has to be. This will erase a lot of guilt. Get ready to see me 10x everything from here on out.
Let’s see:
I trained two individuals yesterday (Monday)
Had therapy today (Tuesday)
I will be rock climbing tomorrow (Wednesday)
I should be going to STEPS Thursday.
Friday, I train my guy again.

That’s 3 hours of WORK Monday, 3 hours Tuesday, 2 hours Wednesday, 2 Thursday
And 1 to 2 Friday.

11 hours M-F + 2 hours of writing every single day + 2-3 hours of physical activity every Saturday.
11+10+2.5= 23.5 hours of WORK/a week PLUS Church 3x ON AVERAGE!!!


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  • Dolores T Cortlessa

    I think I’ve asked you this question before Kyle have you ever worked for a magazine let me tell you what I know you haven’t but guess what you really should you’re pretty good at literature and writing you really are you make me laugh and I’m happy that you believe in God and that you let it up to God that’s what I do I bet my life up to God I give it up to him whatever he decides is best for me is the best I love you Kyle take it easy keep lifting those weights God Don’t drop them on your toes love you you can’t go out

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