Building Momentum

Awww man.. let me tell you.  I was buzzing like a bee on my way home from an appointment this morning, just looking forward to putting together this week’s post/ UPDATE/ motivational masterpiece.  Don’t worry everybody named here is on board with me sharing their success.

The momentum is building daily in my life.  < UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR!
Success of one is success to many.   Success to one is a success to me.

Last two months:

– Coached and inspired Kelly Coffman to put on 10 pounds of lean muscle mass.
– Made a bunch of successful 3-way calls/ started recording outreach clips. (@keechkyle)
– Teamed up with other coaches and established ME TO LEARN MORE!
– Reconnected with Lyndsey Marshall from college– Helped her one-on-one start working towards creating a personal page at She’s already started journaling.

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