Words and Such (THIS MORNING!)

Below is a transcript for today’s clip.  Be critical, go ahead.  AMBITION is on display.  I don’t think I need to elaborate much more on my plans for the week.

I’M GONNA GET IT IN!  NOTE:  The path that I’ve forged, works great for me!
Moving On.


“Goood Morning Early Birds!  Yea, I’m up, I’m drinking Spark.  The coffee was made.  I’m out of sugar though.  It was 6:30 when I jumped out of bed.
I’ve already taken 1 Tylenol and 2 Probiotic Ultra’s to help me perform my very best today.  I have my gym nights scheduled tonight and tomorrow this week! 

You know it’ll be LEGS tonight.  Tomorrow will be Back and Shoulders, Bi’s and Tri’s, or  Chest.

Part of the reason I’m extra excited this morning is because I feel even more confident the only time of day I do feel achy is in the morning.  Last night, for example I walked pretty darn well to bed/ placing extra weight on my stiff leg.”

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