Writing To RECOVER!!!

Here it is 7:15am on the 9th of February 2018, AND I’M AT IT, CHIPPING AWAY AT THE OLD, ILL-POSTURED scowl that was me.  I like adjectives, shoot me!  I’m staring at the bottle of H20 I have yet to open sitting beside the EMPTY coffee mug I use.




I am a bit stiffer having climbed hard last night! 

5 (30ft. ascents) + 5(30ft. downclimbs) = 300 ft. of climbing wall covered!

I’m glad I had a Spark mixed and packed in my bag!  Today’s first bottle was just mixed as well. 

The improved functioning and alertness on top of the increased productivity is motivating all by itself.
– There is nothing in my field of vision or mindset that I cannot work at!

As long as you’re not sitting, waiting, expecting the life you want to be handed to you, you’re good.
– I did notice that while climbing last night, my hands and reaching may actually benefit from my mind always being a step ahead of my body/ center of gravity.
Planning your route BEFORE CLIMBING is textbook knowledge and here I am ACKNOWLEDGING that it has become so subtle that I do it without telling myself to.

Yesterday morning I actually wrote out a list of objectives I wanted to see done by days end.

-I plan on working on speaking better while recording myself.
-I plan on climbing🧗‍♀️ rock walls tonight.
-I plan on encouraging others to live the best life that they can.



All in all yesterday proved to be productive.  I can’t ask for much more.  OUTPUT always > INPUT!!!

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