TeamIBK – Mark Your Calendars

Giving you stuff to look forward to and get excited about is part of our mission here at Don’t hold it against us if this doesn’t pan out, but just yesterday one of our contacts at Kings Boxing Gym posted something on Facebook about an event for amateur boxers they are planning on putting together. I’m still waiting to hear back on details, but working with credible figures.. I AM looking forward to getting teamIBK officially in the ring. Our fighter, Dylan March confirms he’s still at it with the training and strengthening!

ALSO, if you did not see it on our Facebook Page, coming up here in February another gym we have gotten to know fairly well, Corps Fitness is holding that ALL OUT FITNESS EVENT.

February Event
Dylan and I are already on the team roster and planning to attend.  COMMENT BELOW if you would like to show your face and BE A CHAMPION.









BTW –  Plans to climb last week got postponed.  Meet us there Wednesday evening if climbing with teamIBK is on your wishlist this Holiday.  – at 6:30pm @ Reading Rocks






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