Ok, so this week (or the first three or four days, UNTIL CLIMBING THURSDAY at least!) is going to count as a much-deserved break for me. I pushed it hard cycling and hitting the bag on Saturday so don’t get all huffy-puffy on me. I’m still feeling the burn in my calves, my hamstrings, and my buttocks.

I’m telling you.. the addition of these sessions strictly cycling are really becoming impactful. I’m happy about that in several ways…
I am raising that bar on myself.
I am switching things up, NOT PLATEAUING.
I am succeeding while challenging myself.
I am focusing more, inside, and out of the gym.
It’s adding to weekly routine….

Now, what I feel is most likely upsetting to those not in my corner is that even though “my primary trainer” and his wife, (my mother) are going out of town for a few days, I AM PLANNING TO CLIMB THURSDAY!  I just confirmed that appointment with my guys AT THAT GYM.


See The Weekly Roster Page for more details about joining us!

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