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“Okay buddy, excuse me using your name and the thought of you being back in my life as inspiration to fuel this week’s post.”

In this post I will try to outline A FEW THINGS I have going for me to keep myself pumped.  The list is very long so don’t be surprised when I make revision on top of revision!
First off, to validate it, acknowledging accomplishments and victories in life IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE!

Somewhere on MY personal page, you’ll find a graphic illustrating ACKNOWLEDGEMENT = VALIDATION.  That could not be more true.

You and I go back decades.  You know the long story.  Anyways…  Since college, I’ve connected with a great group of men who have helped me do everything I can to start a sustainable business I can create a living around.
Yada, yada, yada..  I’ve been busting my butt in the gym 3-5 times a week.  Excuse me if I’ve shared certain facts with you already.  Gym work, “GETTING STRONGER” and every other synonym there is for it ALL EQUAL the word “RECOVER.”
(Feel free to check out the Weekly Roster Page to learn about meeting up at the rock gym one of these weeks!)  (This Thursday is already in the books if you’re not busy then)

What’s cool is the fact that I write to GET STRONGER too.  Creativity, free writing, and texts constitute for a good percentage my work life.  I loved and look forward to hearing about your adventures traveling cross country.  If it would interest ‘ya at all, go ahead create a personal page at TeamIBK.comIt’s free.

That’s our sponsorship page.  I know my ways of getting stronger are the center of my life and I am seeing phenomenal results.  More info about our sponsorship that can be integrated with all aspirations one way or another can be found at





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