Coachable Circumstances

Coachable Circumstances

Real quick, before I forget testing and bookmarking www.KyleKeech.ORG would be a great idea. Hahaha, SHARING and ENCOURAGING friends and family to step up their fitness and independent living goals just got much simpler and less confusing. This morning, while doing my morning routine I jotted down the following line to start today’s entry off. “Good morning friends. This week let’s look at and review some facts about foods, eating, caloric storage and what you can do to burn those deposits.” That actually would have been a great theme or topic for today’s entry.. BUT, better yet is what happened a few minutes later. Not sure you caught it on Facebook last week, I asked for prayers for a friend who was scheduled to have her leg amputated. I’m happy to let you know, she is doing just fine. What has me really excited is if you look to the Friends Page of, you’ll find my friend Charles who I gave her a way to reach about any questions or concerns her or her family has. KyleKeech.ORG, KyleKeech.COM and teamIBK.COM are really starting to come together better than I could have anticipated. Thank you everybody for the support. Continue SHARING these posts, encouraging friends to sign up on the mailing list at and CONTINUE TO KEEP PUSHING!


Remember to start each and every day the best way that you can!
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