Wow, Miss. Madison,

Please, take a bow. Today starts a brand-new week with certainly brand-new motivations in it for me. Firstly, as we discussed last night, I look forward to you not having an issue with, but in support of me addressing you directly. Tuning in especially close to my posts for a few weeks will add to the unbelievable foundation of trust, hope, compassion, and honesty we talked about.

Mondays usually include my initial day at the gym every week.  Still taking it an easy on my knees, I called that off last night.  I have three full hours of Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT)
(“Brain Training”) this morning at 11:00.  I will be doing MULTIPLE SETS of bicep curls with the fifteens, and hitting the heavybag in my home routine here shortly.  I have eight pounders, I’ll be doing hammer curls with too.  That routine revolves around my “ADLs.”  I do those daily.

You shared that you loved my style of writing. That makes me smile. Now that I have this writing/ weapon to wield at my leisure, so many walls are going to be flattened it’s going to be scary. Sit back and enjoy the ride, toots! I’m in the Driver’s Seat now!

Hey look! Kyle’s ready for therapy ahead of time. Protein, notebook, agenda, computer open and logged in. I loved the energy I felt doing curls this morning!
Today’s “cooking” will include mixing the precooked noodles with the cheese sauce and warming it in the microwave!
This is Today’s Plan for therapy!
This week’s TABLE TOPIC!
Actually made Mac and Cheese AND a salad!

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  • You’re a motivation to others and you inspire alot of people without you knowing it … keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let anyone make you feel less of yourself .. the sky isn’t your limit! Sore higher and higher
    I will be with you every step

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