1-30 Writing To Recover

I’m pretty sure I failed to post yesterday.  Stomach wasn’t feeling the best.  I did go to the gym last night though.  According to my workout schedule, I did tackle/ target LEGS!  Make sure you see the Starter Routine page for the FREE guide that I follow.

I had a bowl of bran and a banana this morning so that’s good.

It’s snowing right now.  (<- Not important!)   Last night, it occurred to me that I wanted to further structure my routines and schedule.  Working out/ Pushing the limits AT LEAST 4 days a week has been working out well for me, whether it’s 4 days in the gym a week or 3 days a week in the gym AND 1 day climbing.

Gym – Monday, Tuesday, Saturday (Rest Wednesday, Climb Thursday)


Gym – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday



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