Day 1 – March 7, 2016 – Self-Evaluation, Initial Review

Today was DAY ONE being back at therapy. The starting bell rang at 9 this morning, we’ll say.
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (OT) came first. My trouble reaching behind me apparently is due to the front of my shoulders being tight. Exercises included working on the motion for pulling up my pants and reaching behind me. We utilized a GAIT BELT.

Gait Belt1 Imitating my waistband I focused on reaching to the band resting on my thighs and pulling it up to my waist ONE SIDE AT A TIME. (Exercise 1)
To focus on reaching behind me, clothespins were clamped on the belt and I had to reach behind myself to unclip them ONE AT A TIME. Once free, I had to squeeze and clip them to the free standing lateral bar sitting on the table in front of me. (Exercise 2)
– I have to say I was impressed with THE LACK OF shaking in my left hand when SQUEEZING AND CLIPPING each clip to the lateral bar.

SPEECH THERAPY started with some memory exercises. (Ya, Speech includes cognitive excellence too)
Hearing numbers AND THEN words read out loud in random succession and reciting them back to the therapist was followed by hearing a long list of random nouns and reciting them back to the therapist to the best of my ability. (“Shopping List Exercise”)
My swallowing still needs worked on they’re saying. Drinking out of a bottle differs from drinking out of a cup. Did you know that?
Using a straw, we learned might actually be a coping method.

ONE COOL THING IS that we worked with the thin liquids I brought with me, which happened to be a bottle of water and a bottle OF SPARK.

PHYSICAL THERAPY included walking shorter distances(20-30ft.) AND longer distances(35-50ft.)
Work in the Parallel Bars included standing duration sets with both hands holding on, only my left hand holding on and only my right hand holding on. Sets lasted 5 minutes, 3 minutes and 3 minutes respectively.

PHYSICAL THERAPY and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY are both going to be used to learn how to further strengthen my abilities AND cope with my shortcomings to enable me to live independently.

I am really happy about my performance today, my energy levels lasting the entire time and that today is leaving me looking forward to Wednesday’s sessions.




  • Oh my goodness Kyle, all these therapies you are doing are awesome – and hearing how well you did is better still! I’m 64 and not sure I could have done as well as you did. You are inspirational.
    KEEP PUSHING my friend.



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