Network More!

I took a bit of a break this past weekend folks!  SKIPPED MY USUAL SATURDAY MORNING SESSION AND ROADTRIPPED IT UP TO THE STATE COLLEGE AREA!  Didn’t actually see any action like my days in school, but journeyed our way past the small town and spent the night in our family cabin.

That was fun, but what has me more excited is the new music button you’ll see on the team page,!  I’m waiting to hear back from them but it’s a free player so I don’t see them having any issues with us sharing it.

Below is a button to a fellow fitness enthusiast’s Instagram page if I didn’t share anything about it yet.  I know I shared a link on facebook, but not in a post I don’t think.  His name is George.  I met him through a networking ap on my phone.  (It’s so cool doing what you love for a living)

That’s it!  Heading to bed early tonight, going to start this week with CHEST!  Bye!


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