Momentous Line Up

Goood Morning Champ!  This morning let’s review some key factors and OVER ANALYZE where we see ourselves going, ok?  Ya ready?
This being MY recovery journal we will discuss things I see in my life that will add the momentum TeamIBK brings to the world.  First though, let’s acknowledge the great group of people and friends I caught up with this past weekend.
I’ve always been the guy (…”MAN”) stealing the spotlight at any social event I go to.  What can I say, I don’t deliberately steal the limelight, it just happens.  Choosing to attend the less populated, more intimate family picnic going on at the  Prices’ instead of the local Church’s picnic, I think served me well.  Fortunately for me, I could still see and enjoy the awesome fireworks, being that I was literally one yard over from the 60th annual chicken BBQ.

I don’t even recall breaking out my dance shoes, but standing with little help, hugging friends and practically drawing smiles on every face I saw, made me feel just as great.  🙂

–  NOTE:  I just took my first sip of Spark for the morning and took a Probiotic Ultra all at the same time!

“Sierra and Samantha, that’s all I’m gonna say!” girls had me reminiscing about MY times at State.  Late nights… I don’t even do them anymore – hahaha.
(See ’em herr!)

JP Price is one of the nicest, most reliable people I know. For his current situation I won’t go into details but will look forward to his whole family being influential members of the force in the world of recovery TeamIBK continues to produce.


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