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This past Sunday afternoon, October 18th, 2015 I personally represented KyleKeech.com and teamIBK at a wonderful awards ceremony. Phillyboxinghistory.com and Xfinity Live together held The 8th Annual Briscoe Awards recognizing “the outstanding accomplishments of the local boxing scene.”

Notably, the most-prized and most honored award rightfully went to Ms. Kennedy Cunningham. I can tell you it was amazing being literally within feet from such a gift from God.  Make sure you look to Facebook for links to more detailed information on her but from what was very inspiring and apparent to me, Ms. Kennedy was the recipient of a heart transplant. Funds were raised by the local boxing community as a whole to cover and support her family moving and relocating to an area with a hospital willing to take her needs on. I do not want to misrepresent the family and call for a helping hand so taking the hint, in this post I’ll briefly discuss ways sponsors and organizations tend to show communal support.

Before that we want to applaud Kennedy’s loving family.

Taking your daughter (or loved one) home and making them comfortable.. is never the choice you want to have to make. We know doctors are good people. There is no room for discussion there. Some hospitals go out of their way to absorb financial hardships too. Shriners Hospitals, for example absorbs all costs to patients.

As discussed above, local and team-run organizations often find themselves raising funds or trying to collect money for different reasons. Dire situations often call for direct cash advances and charitable giving. teamIBK is currently working on developing its very own way to assist families and causes such as Kennedy’s. Be on the lookout for that on the new teamIBK website. It’s important to you so it’s important to us. Don’t worry, we’re in this to win this.

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