Salute To The Independent.01

Good Morning Independent People!

Another week full of revolutionary aspirations, braggadocios initiative, sustained growth and fancied demeanor under our belt.  Stomping grounds taking root, where we once stepped ever so lightly, it’s happening.  Excited hearts beating, pumping blood at a rate more accustomed to our pace..

Swimming tonight perhaps after visiting legs last night, makes me recall how well last weekend’s pool session went.  Sentence fragments hint to my excitement.  Take that as you will.  I’m just saying excitement for life and your come back WILL AMPLIFY every result, consequence and effect you observe citing input.
You best be putting unquantifiable efforts forth, I know I am and you know I do like company.  So don’t leave me hangin’  #swagger

– Know you have more than it takes.  Every obstruction before you will soon be referred to as a milestone, trust me.
Laugh every weakness and moment of fatigue off.  “Just wait until they see what I’m really made of.”


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