Follow Through!

Hear me out, I do not want to rub it in or sarcastically tread the lines of being flamboyant and showy but…

I promise you yesterday’s golden comment had to have been “Ya mom, it’s ugly out but I made.. I’ve had plans to climb tonight for days now and that’s who I am, the man that follows through.”

That may not be exactly how I said it but you get the idea.  We slid in, didn’t make a fuss about being noticed or attention grabbing, got the head nod to SUIT UP, walked from the staging area to the wall with min assist.. AND..
Up down, up down, up down, up down. Ya I could pay respect to the wall, WALL 3, but..

4 times, 4 climbs, quicker than ever before. It’s too bad I didn’t have a card or two with me because the one chica LITERALLY CAME UP TO ME AND SAID “WOW, THAT WAS AMAZING, I’M SO INSPIRED RIGHT NOW!”

Tell her to get to the back of the line, right? lollll.
Shout out to my man BRIAN, my dude JAMES (?) (Was that his name??) I’m not great with names but I own that.
Thursdays are now teamIBK‘s night to go rock climbing each week. Write that into your schedules.

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  • Way to go Kyle. Sounds like a really good night last night. Glad to hear it. And glad you made the trip up there despite the freezing temps and wind. I like how you mentioned that you slid on in! You ROCK it Kyle Keech

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