Keep Calm

Let go of expectations’ grasp on your life. You have yourself to answer to, nobody else. Seriously, even if you aren’t seeing improvements from yesterday’s bests, let it go.
Just the fact that you are thinking along those lines is a good step. Things take time. Mental preparedness in many cases is much more important than racking any kind of stats or weight on the bar.
Got love for writing, sewing, singing, marching in place?  Do it. Or maybe you can only define what you don’t like to do.
Try looking at whatever you despise, actually in a new light.
If something bothers you that means it’s still on your mind. Do not let it go. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason.

That itch to constantly move, turn some music on. Enjoy it. If you can find a way to appreciate what makes you you, growth will be so much easier.
Let it become more of a natural reaction. Turn that itch into your passion. Throw hesitation to the wind. Moving, dancing, feeling alive feels good doesn’t it?

Enjoying what you can’t help but do is a great step towards making that “bad habit” a vehicle.
You can’t tell me all the world’s greatest musicians, artists and composers absolutely always loved their strengths before they embraced them.
Try going all out for once in your life, if it feels good it probably means you enjoy it.
Strap a paintbrush to your hand, see if you can angle your wrists to make contact with the canvas. Try holding the brush in your teeth, do whatever you have to do to make an impact.

(Perfect Example,

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  • G Bland

    Inspirational – You go guy! !

  • Steve Keech

    I like the positive tone, too many people these days are negative, it is good to be optimistic and it makes the day go faster. Keep up positive messaging.

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