Hi, if you’re here on my site and reading this, you’re probably here for a good reason.  Whatever that reason is doesn’t much matter right now.  What matters is you’re here.  Let’s move on.
I am here to push you.  Plain and simple.  Close this window if you’d like, we don’t take too kindly to people bringing us down.

This entry is being posted a day ahead of time because we WORK AHEAD.  We are not perfect, we know that.  Moving on…

Last night, Wednesday night right BEFORE CLIMBING if I didn’t tell you, I was interviewed by THE READING EAGLE.  Michelle Lynch met with Sam, my climbing partner and I for a in depth look at what makes IBK stand out from the rest and how I do what I do.
(That may not be a great description of how or why things went down but I’m gonna’ be honest with you, this is my take)

From my point of view, earned media means EARNED media.  What?? it makes me feel great that I’m beginning to get recognized for what I do.  I’m going to wait to hear back from her directly before sharing any of her info on here (wait for her to comment).
But..  It totally surprised me how well I told her about who I was as a person and why my intentions are of such importance to me.
Today’s post is going to focus a bit on motivation.  Finding your own motivation more precisely.  ESPECIALLY if you are on a mission or journey back to a more acceptable sense of normalcy.
–  YOUR normal is not my normal, his normal or her normal.  YOUR normal is unique to you.

Support groups and counselors will tell you all about the importance and highlights of being unique.  Take that to heart if you wish.  All we care about here is you being the best you – you can be.

If drawing is your gift, go with that.  Own your ability, doodle until your heart’s content.  Hopefully you can take that to the next level, actually create a life for yourself that utilizes that gift.

SEE BRIANSDOTS.com for a perfect example of somebody taking their gift to the next level.

Using your gifts can also be seen as using your “disposition” in life and lighting it on fire.  That’s what I’m doing anyways.  I cannot even imagine where I’d be in life if I wasn’t in MY accident.  Sure I might have actually already had a 9-5 job, wife and kids, house in a loving community of 20 something year olds.. Ya, I could have fit that template, followed the crowd but where would that have left me?
The same as everybody else, growing old and just excited to see hours tick away while waiting for the workday to be over..
Ya, thanks but no thanks.  I’m young at heart, ready to see where this thing called life takes me, what it throws at me next and making the best of every single day that I can.

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