Anticipate The Future

Anticipate The Future

Wait for it….

Thinking ahead, I’m posting my early weekly post today to make sure I GET IT IN!  Tomorrow, I have to be on the road, HEADED TO THERAPY by 8:30 in the morning. I’ve never done PT, OT and SPEECH back to back to back before, but I’m planning on making the walls shake as soon as I get there until the second I leave.

Heck, they’ll probably still be sweeping up debris when I come back to do the same thing Wednesday. Talk about GOING ALL OUT.. Wednesday evening I’m already scheduled to climb them ROCK WALLS too.
– Be at Reading Rocks Wednesday evening by 6:15 if you want to see the magic happen! My bro, Sam is trying to find someone to climb next to us to do the filming at a better angle SO WE CAN ACTUALLY START PUTTING TOGETHER SOME BETTER VIDEOS & GENERATING MORE INTEREST IN WHAT WE HAVE GOING ON.

Last week’s video:

Thursday, my friends, is what has me really excited. As of now, a meeting with a potential designer for MY new house is already on the schedule. Check their website out at (
Remember, is where you can add to the momentum…
I don’t know if I am supposed to share that information yet, but GET EXCITED!!! I AM!!!!!

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